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Appreciate the advise.

I will try both of these suggestions...but about moving maschine to the plugin path, Wich of the many files maschine installed would I be trying to move?
Do u think after moving it maschine will still function properly? As far as being to locate associated libraries/ file pathways I mean?
Im scared itless that by moving stuff around i will make everything a big mess that I'll never be able to sort back out again lol. I've read some horror stories while researching how to fix these kind of problems.

Or should I just try to reinstall maschine and start over?

P.s...Sorry to be a pain, but please assume I know almost nothing about installing/managing software files because I know very little. I've been a hardware guy for years. Hardware EVERYTHING. Im talking hard track recorders and midi chains a mile long lol.
But since discovering Reaper Im trying to finally make the switch. It's just waaaayyy more intuitive with a lot less fuss than the other DAWs I've tried(like pro tools and ableton). I bought a brand new computer strictly for music production, but im way behind the curve when it comes to computers and software.

And this is a perfect example why...its driving me nuts! I can't wait to(hopefully) get everything working properly so I can make some music! Lol

I genuinly thank u guys for taking time to help a software nube sort it out. :-)
Do u use maschine inside of reaper? If so what's ur process/midi config?

UPDATE!:::I've tried to move into plugin folder in reason, not working. Tried maschine, massive, guitar rig...nothing.
Not sure how to locate the dll file u were talking about(or even what that means)...?
I do see all reapers plugin files are dll tho.

No close to making ANY PLUGIN open except the 3 that come with reaper(reaSynDr, reaSynth, and reaSAMPLOMATIC)...??

Anone who uses Maschine or any natibe instrument's software know what I need to do? Help! Dying to make music, not mess around with software configs!

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