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Originally Posted by Stella645 View Post
Well no-one suggested you move anything other than the plugin dll so there's no surprise moving other stuff didn't work and indeed this could cause all sorts of problems. I hope you noted exactly where these files came from and have replaced them??

When you search the NI files can you see the file extensions or is Windows hiding them??

If you can see file extensions and there is no dll then you haven't installed the plugins. Run the installer and choose to install only the vstplugins.

As said already DO NOT install these to Reaper plugin folder.
A common location to use would be C:/Program Files/VSTPlugins.

ps. There are way more than three plugs that come with Reaper....are you absolutely sure you're just not finding stuff because you have something in the search filter of the plugin loader???
Yes I mover all NI fIles systematically back where they were, thanks.

Sorry about the confusion. I didn't mean I have plugis for maschine I want to use in reaper...I want to use MASCHINE in reaper.
I assume that massive and reactor are maschine plugin, but maybe the NI software doesn't see it that way? Idk? There is no "PLUGIN" type folder for maschine. Reactor, massive, guitar rig all have their own folders in my documents list...but maschine just knows where to look in order to list them and open them somehow

All I know is I've opened and searched all maschine's(and the other NI software)files and folders, and I don't see anything labeled "dll" like reapers plugs are(and yes there are way more than 3 cockos plugs, but only 3 in the vsti list). And don't move them into the reaper plugin folder? Because I had a bunch of freeware plugs on my old computer and I always placed them in reapers plug in folder for them to be recognized and work?

It seems like the problem almost certainly has to be a pathway problem. No one so far on NI's maschine forums have been able to help...and NI customer support is almost useless cuz u wait forever for a response. Still waiting for a reply after 2 weeks and I sent several requests.

So might the ones I need to focus on be called something other than dll?

Thanks again, even tho I'm getting no where u guys have been way more help than anyone else.. lol
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