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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Well I thought exactly when not panning the buss the problem arises ?
When using a -3db pan law this means a 3db reduction when panned center no ?
Thus when the bus is not panned (what is usual here too) it would apply the -3db a second time (if I don't change the bus pan law back to 0 db) which sounds not quite right to me.
I don't see why unless you apply the pan law to the buss itself (and even then I'm not sure this matters because it is static and would be accounted for when you create the buss and set the initial level). I don't apply it globally most of the time, I apply it when I need it to individual tracks to pan something that I'm may pan more than once or automate. There is also the option to not reduce the center but boost the pan. I'll test later since maybe I'm missing something - all I remember is setting a track to say -3 and it pans evenly, didn't seem that complicated.
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