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Originally Posted by DarkStar View Post
Can anyone let me know how to monitor the messages between OSCII-bot and Reaper?

I saw Banned links above but they are all "404 - page not found""
There are two means of monitoring in Reaper and OSCII-bot itself.
1. Use reaper's OSC monitor (the 'Listen' button on the OSC Control Surface Settings page) to check the messages are being received by Reaper, and
2. check that the OSC and Midi traffic is both seen in the OSCII-bot console log.

Beyond this try "show-io.txt" which is one of the sample scripts bundled with OSCII-bot. Banned wrote a follow-on script called "MonitorMIDI+OSC-IO.txt" but it doesn't add any more to these beyond showcasing fancier graphics.
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