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Originally Posted by swingset View Post
I'm a harmony junkie, I think about 87% of the tracks I hear from other artists don't utilize them when they should, or they're downplayed. Nothing makes a song soar like a well done harmony, and yours are really outstanding.
Agreed about the effectiveness of harmonies in a production. I noticed quite early on that if a song had a harmony part, as a listener, I always started to join in singing as soon as the harmonies came in... that was a BIG clue!

On my last album I did some pretty elaborate harmony arrangements (particularly in the song "Outa Control") but I kinda mixed them pretty low for some strange reason... With this set of songs I think I'm ready to go much bolder in that dept.

Originally Posted by swingset View Post
Parts of your songs remind me of Dada's harmony construction...which were always impressive as they only had two guys doing it but they shifted and moved in their harmony arrangements so well it sounded like 3 parts or even more sometimes.
I think you mentioned Dada before... I don't think I'm familiar with that artist. I tried a search on Google, but I don't think I'm coming up with the correct results - Can you point me in the direction of their music?

Thanks for the kind comments!
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