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Default A True Split Tool...Cursor stays put!

Ok, I've coded a TRUE Split tool in, where the cursor doesn't move. I've added it to the Regions2 ReaperScript, mapped to the keypad slash (/) (NumpadDiv to you scripters). Get it HERE if you need it.

It works by saving and reloading a screenset in the same stroke.

All you need to do is download the .rar, put the Macros DK keymap into REAPER/keymaps, and the ReaperScript RegionsSplitTool into Reaper/Scripts, or wherever you keep them.

This relies on the track cursor being checked in track screensets, which it is by default unless you've changed it last time.

Now, if you've started ReaperScript and picked the Region2 ReaperScript, and loaded the macros DK keymap, then when you press the (/) key on the keypad, it will split where the mouse cursor is...but NOT move the cursor (well actually the cursor moves to and fro very fast, but for all intents and purposes it does not move).

Why? Well a few people had mentioned it, but mostly because it was there.

Try it with Crosshair, it's ultra accurate...

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