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Lokasenna - as soon as I posted it, I thought about that. I thought of 2 solutions.

1. Would be to load the file as Schwa mentioned "open with FX offline". then the software would start loading the FX in the background while you could start getting your bearings. And if you went to an area and started using, CPU then the FX would stop loading as necessary.
2. Again, open with FX offline, but this time when you hit play, it would load the effects in the next minute or two (this could be a setting as far as how long in advance to look for FXs). This way, once the file opened, you could go to an area, start working there, and if you hit play, it would wait maybe less than 10 seconds to load those FX. Most likely I would work in a specific area for some time.

Anyway, just a suggestion.
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