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I change bitmaps and locations on the fly. My plugin has several models, and while they mostly use the same set of controls, they look different. I pre-cache (LoadIBitmap) all the bitmaps, for a quick and smooth change of models.

My knobs (I call IMutableKnobControl) inherit from IKnobMultiControl (well, I have an in-between, too, a non-mutable highlight control, which also uses bitmaps). To change the knob bitmap and location, basically this method (in my actual one, I also manage a highlight bitmap, so a few more lines):

    void ChangeKnob(int x, int y, IBitmap* pBitmap) {
        mBitmap = *pBitmap;
        mRECT = mTargetRECT = IRECT(x, y, pBitmap);
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