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I am working hard on this one. Because I think it is going to be very useful. I need more time so I am not sleeping too much and I might have problems with other humans in my family but, hey... it is being worth it. The graph works correctly now, without the big bad glitches it had, and it has nice zooming and panning capabilities now and more.. read the changelog if interested

I've created an account on to upload small videos of the scripts, since this one makes more sense to have audio too and a Licecap GIF doesn't have audio. I'll try to improve quality of the video. I think the site has lowered the resolution or something but you can get the idea:
Here is a video: testing HeDa Loudness Meters v0.24

the Changelog so far:
v0.24 (2015-05-26)
+ Calculate IL of Time selection of selected track for analysis (right click on meter or on graph)
+ Esc key removes Time selection
# Better zooming to where mouse cursor is

v0.23 (2015-05-25)
+ drag on graph to define time selection
+ option to Automatic Reset and analisis of time selection
+ always display a second row of text with IL value meters
+ subliminal messages
# several bugs fixed

v0.22 (2015-05-23)
+ Button to add analysis plugin with the preset "Loudness" in selected track, and update list of meters
+ Remove track analysis (ALT + click on meter)
+ AutoScroll page option
+ 9 presets of tracks visibility in graph (click to load presets, right click to save)

v0.21 (2015-05-22)
+ Pan an zoom graph, middle mouse button drag to pan, mouse wheel to zoom horizontal, CTRL mousewheel to zoom vertical
+ Left mouse drag to select time
+ Clear graph and reset analysis buttons
+ Overs red indicator.
# several fixes in graph display

v0.2 (2015-05-21)
+ added history loudness graph
+ click on graph to change play cursor position
+ right click on graph to activate and cycle display values on mouse cursor
+ ability to hide/show individual tracks in the graph (SHIFT+click on meter)
+ toggle solo tracks dims not soloed tracks (CTRL+click on meter)

v0.1 (2015-05-05)
+ support Loudness ML, SL and IL meters
+ Gets meter color from Track color.
+ It is possible to select which tracks to be included.
+ Resizable, dockable, will remember dock position
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