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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
This is my entire point. They are going to obfuscate BOTH note starts and note ends. So it can look more "modern"?? Put a whole bunch of staccato notes all over the place and then tell me if that "modern" look is helping you see where things land/end any better.

Look if we are going to do a clone of the FL Studio midi editor, then use FL Studio. I know everyone likes what they like from different DAWS, myself as well. But we've literally spent the last few weeks now trying to recreate the FL Studio midi editor.
Yeah, I kind of feel like Fruity Loops is one of the last DAWS we should try and emulate. I do see how some users might like this new option. Maybe it gives them one more visual feedback for which midi bits are selected. I myself find it distracting, and the note end bug is really not working for me. At any rate this new visual feature should be an option not a requirement.
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