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Originally Posted by airon View Post
I use two of them in my dialogue mixes.
In the Midi Devices tab, I renamed them Twister1 and Twister2, which makes them easier to deal with when sending midi data to them with scripts.

When using two of them, be sure to plug them in in the correct order .
How I use them
Three of the banks, which I change between by triggering a script that sends the bank-change command as a midi message, are used on per-track midi-learn'ed stuff. This is mostly default mappings for EQs and sends for me.

For example, I use the two units next to each other to control one post-compression EQ, 8 bands of gain, frequency and Q(3x8) and filters (frequency and Q).

Most of my control mapping is done this way. Compressors and deessers are controlled with an Arturia Beatstep.
The good thing about DJ gear is that it's built to me hammered a lot. That's likely the reason the two units have not failed in any way for me yet. Similarly I use Novation Dicer units. Just buttons, but you can slam them all day and they keep working.

The knobs are excellent, plus you can give them new colours not just with the LED lights around them, but also the knobs themselves with chroma caps from DJ Techtools.

It was worth it to me.

Another controller that has worked well for me so far is the X-Touch Mini. 40 Euros or so now. Two banks. 8 encoders, 16 buttons, 1 touch sensitive non-motorized 60mm fader. Good configuration app.

A small shot of my setup:

On the left are the MFT units. The red knobs are gain, the green frequency and the blue are Q. The LED lights (ring and large light below) match them fairly well. Those lights change when I use a different bank. Bank 2 of each addresses the pre-compression EQ. Bank 3 addresses the sends, which are assigned in the action window. Actually the X-Touch Mini below the MFTs has 8 knobs that control the dynamic gain of the Pro-Q3 I use as an EQ. Its second bank controls the band steepness.

Very nice configuration Airon !

Could you tell me more about your script that send MIDI data to change the bank please ? I would like to do the same because those little switches on the sides of the unit are not really user friendly...
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