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Originally Posted by matt_t View Post
Nice try but it happens with the laptop touchpad as well.

I should have been more precise with regard to the Media Item Properties thing. When I say it "sometimes" happens, I should have said it depends on what volume the media item is set to already.

With some values it always happens, and with other values it never happens.

e.g. if an item is already at -0.61dB, a click on the fader always moves it down to -0.66. But an item at -0.43dB is always "safe".
Still no repro. I can never get it set to precisely -0.61 for one thing and... + 0.61 (or any other value for that matter) doesn't repro. What's the need (beyond basic accuracy) being that .05 dB is impossible to hear (most people can't even distinguish 0.2 dB much less 1/4 of that). I'm not arguing it, but I'm curious of where this matters audibly.

Either way, I have yet to find any value that repros.
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