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Default Project Bay is buggy = useless for in-project MIDI items (FIXED)

EDIT: (!! This bug has been fixed in v6.30rc1 - June 21, 2021 !!)

we are having big problem with (in-project) MIDI items in Project Bay.

Please, check this thread where it all started and is discussed a bit.
Strange behavior: MIDI shifts within item-takes

Items do not conform to tempo, so when building a library of motifs (let's say one measure long), they cannot be re-used in other tempos than originaly saved into project bay.

Here I'm quotting my replies to Zeno's issue in that thread I mentioned above:
It does work OK from Media Explorer (.mid exported file) and also by copying and pasting the in-project item (when the original items timebase is set to "Beats (auto stretch at tempo changes)", but not when reinserting (in-project MIDI item) from the Project Bay - definitely not expected behavior!

Devs, please, take a look at it and fix it. Thanks.

EDIT: The item does not have to have more than one take to reproduce. One is enough

ADDITIONAL INFO: When *.MID file is referenced in Project Bay, then inserting from "Media Source" tab is OK, but inserting from "Media Item" tab is WRONG.
I don't think that it will help in the case of in-project MIDI items added to Project Bay, because I tried all possible combinations of those settings for the MIDI item before adding to a bay (ignore tempo, its timebase to beats.., beats+stretch etc.) and also project timebase settings and it seems that these settings are ignored when adding to timeline from Project Bay (Media Item tab).

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