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Default Bit depth weirdness. Is this a bug and if it is, does it matter?

I don't know if this is bug and I don't know if it actually makes any difference since I can't hear it but it looks weird, so maybe it's bad. If it's unintentional distortion maybe it might get picked up and amplified by further processing leading to unwanted results? If it's not a bug, I'd certainly be interested to hear an explanation of what's going on.

For the sake of a demo, in place of audio I have a JS noise gen producing a signal at 64bit. TB_Barricade truncates the signal to 32bit as shown by the bitmeter on the item and the track. Watch what happens to the track bitmeter when I enable the item volume envelope...

Any thoughts?

edit: Oh, Win10, REAPER 6.29 and all plugins used are 64bit

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