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Originally Posted by talustalus View Post
You know those themes that, for example, dim the color selection?

Is it possible to override this so that the exact color you pick is how it gets displayed in the track color?

Thank you
This is made possible by making a certain area of the background image semi-transparent. So, if the tcp_bg and
tcp_bgsel are used to draw the entire background of the tcp panel in a particular theme that does this,
you could open these images, and see that a particular portion of the area is a bit shaded, and a bit more or less shaded
in the other file. Think dark pink track# area on unselected, brighter pink track# area when selected.
If you want purity in your color selection/drawing, you will have to do the following:
Locate within the element's .png file where the semi-transparency is, and delete the area, so that it is completely transparent.
Remember that this 'shaded' or semi-transparent area is often used to differentiate between
selected and unselected tracks in REAPER, so if you do what we are speaking of, to a theme that does
use this method to differentiate focus, then you will no longer have that functionality, and will likely have to
figure out a solution to this, like, for example, drawing an outline around the tcp_bgsel perimeter to highlite it
during selection.
Other possible scenarios:
Some themes take advantage of hacking the panel background by using other elements for a part or whole of
the background, like the tcp_idxbg for example. The dev may stretch this whole image to be laid overtop
the whole background, and then use the margin settings to move the idx text into proper place. ('track number')
In these instances, This panel's.png image would likely be the one you would need to edit to make this change.
tcp_folderbg - this image is optional an if present can also be used to draw the entire backround in some cases,
or at least, draw the area in question; check this alternate option.
User Color adjusting - some themes like WT's Imperial v5 progress build utilize a macro that not only sets the color of
texts to red in case of recording, but uses the user appointed color scalar to gleen the text colors, and adjust them
to show up better on the colored backround panel, performing math with the rgb values with case arguments.
Take this into consideration if you eliminate the semi transparencies from the element images, and still have problems.
Check for colorsmart macro and other color-adjusting macros in general first, actually,
and try to understand how they work and exactly what they do in which case, and if you need clarity,
post about it, alot of times, WT himself will answer.

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