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Alright here's what's happening

I put print statements in the place where I call IPlugFrame::resizeView and also where I get called back in IPlugFrame:nSize and IPlugFrame::checkSizeConstraint (which I have now implemented).

On macOS I get the following when I resize (which I do by doing "menu/zoom/zoom to 125%" in this case:

Asking to resize to 1130 677
checkSizeConstraint 0 1130 1130x677
onSize 0 1130 1130x677

whereas on Linux I get this

Asking to resize to 1130 677
checkSizeConstraint 0 1122 1122x669
onSize 0 1122 1122x669

so yeah, for some reason you are just taking 8 pixels away from my desired size. But only in Reaper. And only on Linux.

So I guess I could code defensively around this. looks like in checksizeconstraint I can overrule you to tell you the size I want, after I told you the size I want

Is that the right solution? Why does only linux and only reaper do this in the VST3? Before I write that bit of code (which is a bit painful of course because the size I requested is not handed to me just the size you want to give me), I want to make sure this is what you intended Reaper/Linux to do.

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