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Originally Posted by rayultine View Post
Hi all,
I noticed the JS suite is not included in the .ini text file of vst plugins. Silly question, but is there a text list of all the JS plugins that are packaged with Reaper?

I like to put all my plugins into a spreadsheet and take notes about presets and templates, etc.
Hi All.

I was wondering the same. I started collecting a lot of the needed information including usecases, tipps and tricks even within the facebook subgroups....anyway, it such a huge amount to work with i'm not even close to being somewhere. If you want to, I can provide you with a textfile(s) containing that information, as I still can not give any forecast, and when I will be done.
My plan was to give a resulting sheet back to the community (even the Facebook groups).
Let me know, if you want to have that stuff.

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