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Why is it that Reaper embraces several scripting languages but not JavaScript (ECMAScript, TypeScript)?

It runs at about 85% of C speed on the V8 engine in Chrome.

Look at:
VS Code

( leave it to Micro$oft to come up with a URL like that!)

All of these together allow thinking way out of the box.

It is the most used (abused) programming language. And being event driven is 'sehr gut'. Also OOP (mostly).

Sorry if this is off topic.

On the other hand, the new web interface opens up possibilities for web communications thru the browser! Dah!!!
So by embracing HTML5, JavaScript gets in on the "group hug". One could develop a js library for Reaper interaction assuming the Reaper API is open enough to provide effective two-way connection. Haven't had time lately to look into this since I've been getting back up to speed in js technology. Mucho advancement since I retired 7 years ago!

Guess I'll have to make time to look into
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