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Default mcu user .... 25 years of logic and now focussed on reaper

HI, I've been using the universal control for 10 years or so in logic. Delighted to dump that program after 25 years (since v4!) only possible because of the the way reaper people work as well as reaper itself. 2 weeks in, bought, and now learning the amount of possibilities. Just wanting to say Geoff, hats off for this. Reaper blatantly has the greater potential for customisation of commands for the universal. I've gone a long way with it already, setting up one click plugs and all the other stuff I wished to do consistently in logic but couldn't.
One feature I really get confused about "HOW" to do... bring up a plugin or 3, and have the foremost plugin window signify assigned and pre programmable control from all faders/knobs on the universal, then go back to the general track controls once the plugin windows are shut, or if only the foremost window is shut, the controller sets up to the next plugin in in the foreground till all/any are closed. That would be a massive workflow one for me.
Delighted to be sent to test/report any beta for the mcu..
Thanks again for the undertaking.... os x tends to take a back seat, but would be so useful and work cutting if you were able to do this. I will help in any way, thanks
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