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I think this idea of reproducing every possible parameter on a mirrored touch-screen, or assigning loads of faders or pots to parameters is a lot of work for the programmer and yields little benefit for the user. As has been mentioned before, people are generally going to tweak at most 2 parameters simultaneously, and the most important factors there are that the controls are easy and accurate.

That's why I've been trying this approach of abandoning any sort of physical or visual recreation of these parameter controllers. Rather, by simply reaching out my hand into space in front of me and grabbing anywhere I want, that becomes my reference point for the parameter modulation, and by moving my hands about somewhat like a conductor I can adjust these parameters, without worrying that I'm grabbing the right nob, or that my finger is still on the fader on a touchscreen. The idea is that the last touched parameter in the DAW is what I'm controlling in space.

I realize this is a silly idea to people that are very accustomed to working on motorized faders, but we're thinking forward here right?
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