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Originally Posted by maranite View Post
Bitwig supports event-based javascript along with a "cursor based object model" (read: context sensetive API).

This has allowed me to easily integrate my Arturia keylab 88 in ways that I'm simply unable to achieve in Reaper.

A simple "lua script" control surface plugin for reaper would be a great start. An event based api, where the script could listen for actions in reaper would be super.

I prefer using reaper to bitwig, but the bitwig boys definitely got it right on their controller api. Hopefully something similar will be developed for reaper?
I havent studied the reaper api in depth mpre than i neede for some hacks, but Nektartech has a quite rich integration via their Panorama line of products. Is the issue more how accesible it is? Also, one wonders if DAWs couldnt get their collective minds together and standardize some interaction points like for instance how to interface with plugins. Find a common language and syntax. In my private reenigeering of Nektars Panorama code for bitwig I desvrube plugon maps as json blobs... Something like that should really be standardized.


Anyway, I'd also to like to share a view that is often overlooked when it comes to parameter control; synth sound design. Here immidiate accesibility and familiarity with layout is essential to make the workflow tick.

With something like the Panorama or my AKAI Advance im almost there, but there is always limits imposed by the manufacturer willingly or not. And going all diy is just too much time.


As for daw control, I find the various ways to configure Reapers channels get in the way sometimes - arm, monitor, automation modes, input selection etc. I have to reach for the mouse/touchpad anyway (template tracks help).

Reapers routing is also one of the big selling points for me. (Unfortunately its poorly visualized in the daw interface). Having external control over it would great.


In closing I would advise to strive to make building custom external controllers more approachable, be it better apis, better mcu sjpport or exotic things like new standards rather than trying to figure out exactly how your phone fits into this
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