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I'd like to see more in ways of web browsing in the form of a sound cloud as well as access to the ninjam auto record archive, then these could stream through a persons client.
Then we could have maybe a user section to upload sounds, but if configurable people could also use dropbox, shared folders and all sorts of online sources.

The Stereo channel routed correctly from Stereo Source.

Simple Audio Selection and auto latency measuring to show a user there estimated latency.
In line with this maybe a Direct Monitor option, so if a persons latency is too high for local loopback channel then a direct monitor option could mute local and use original source.

An Auto Levelling option that could with one click adjust all users volume sliders to get an even mix, maybe even a realtime normalize function to fix low output's on a client's output.

User's Channels to ASIO Channels, so user 1 = 1/2 user 2 = 3/4 and so on, this will be useful for live events, then the main audio streamer could route these outs into REAPER or other DAW or Audio Host.
This would allow Eq'ing, other FX's and better mixing for the final out the listener would hear.

Maybe rather than adding addition features these could be more a app based system, so people could write app's for NINJAM, which then some programmers could even sell which will encourage people to program more for it and more to use it.
On this same idea maybe if possible to even give NINJAM VST Host abilities too.

One last thing, maybe adding direct streaming capabilities to NINJAM. So it in fact becomes a small suite which could remember settings/fx's and similar for each other user from there IP.

Most these things will bring more users towards NINJAM as it becomes more desired for its additional properties.

Just some idea's, some maybe achievable, some not. I guess if REAPER's ReaNINJAM was updated some of this would already be there as part of REAPER.
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