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Originally Posted by stefanha View Post
Yes, you can do that although I think the usual approach is to send separate channels to Ninjam instead of mixing inputs together on the client.
But that's not necessarily a good thing. It's a better approach for one NINJAM user to have sorted out their mix than for every other user to have to do it for them. A single stereo feed into NINJAM is all that's really needed.
Originally Posted by stefanha View Post
Another idea is that some audio systems like PulseAudio support mixing to the point where we don't need to do mixing inside Ninjam for audio playback.
How are you checking the latency of these things? I think PulseAudio would stop anyone using the system seriously other than to play back pre-recorded music. It would stop any form of live music creation.
Originally Posted by Tony Williams
...Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play with people for others, to listen to, that's something else. That's a whole other world.
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