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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
Those "specialist" who do want to create such an effect do have a great choice of plugins that do all kinds of modulations: just route the audio to a dedicated track that holds such a plugin.
Not exactly. I own Bitwig 2 even though I don't do any electronic music stuff. The major advantage with these DAW internal modifiers is that they are plugin independent. You can modify whichever plugin you want. The even more inportant point is: You can link several plugin parameters to the same modifier in different relations or inverted. Bitwigs goal is to by fully modular and even allow this track independent. So the modifier that changes the frequqncy of your LPF on one track could modify the reverb tail of another track. This opens a huge playground for any style of music. In addition: It's dead easy to use and damn fast!
I use Reaper because of its flexibility and the amazingly fast workflow. Modulators are one thing it takes a lot of time as soon as it gets a little bit more complex that just standard.

Even if it's not the most needed feature at the moment: I'm sure many users will find new amazing and creative ways to work with this kind of modulators as soon as they'll have the possibility...
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