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Here are a few:

multi i/o Stylus RMX track preset:
Folder "vsti RMX" with plug-in
- 8 x midi tracks (one per instrument slot)
Folder gra RMX outs A-H
- 8 X audio tracks.

Multi i/o Kontakt 2:
Folder "vsti Kontakt 2" with plug-in
- 8 x midi tracks
-stereo return

2 x Reason 3 rewired
one is a stereo return, one is 24 channels of audio returned.
-both similar in terms of set up to the above.

if memory serves, all of the above are configured such that the midi tracks are not shown in the mixer.

I have been thinking recently, that all I really need is the following:

1. VSTi (generic - no plug loaded) with 8 midi + a stereo return
2. VSTi (generic - no plug loaded) with 8 midi + 8 stereo channel returns.
3.A ducking Pair
4. generic bass
5. generic e guitar
6. generic a guitar
7. Generic Lead vox
8. generic bg vox.

and one or 2 others that I am forgetting


**edited: fixt one track preset.
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