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To serr: Nah, I did not accidentally or deliberately for that matter

Its always most definitely from my sub-directory of OSX's applications folder.
Why do say 'Always'... because Umm... I got like over 20 or so apps sitting in there for testing purposes... and just in case the latest version gets broken.

and this serr: 'Someone still does this the longway...'
I typically always work on the last project I was working on, and then when finished (coz I work to get the f**ker finished); then create another new project, or save out the last project (perhaps emptied of its recorded stuff or as just a basic template) as a Different Project filename and in a successive chronological directory...
I have set reaper preferences to load a last worked on project.
I have quadzillions projects... i only navigate finder-wise as a last resort, and only if i want to find and load an older project.
My method, for me, is much quicker... it isn't an 'older way', for me: it is the better way

...cause this sux: open finder, wait for finder to open, side bar, music directory, navigate, click, navigate, click, navigate click, navigate click, repeat, repeat, repeat, ... Ah-huh! there's that bastard project...
SO... Just click on the docked Reaper icon and it's done already: Tuh-DA!

I filename; chronologically (,Time) as a prefix in the filename followed by the typical pertinent info...
eg. '2017.02.23,Friday,2pm,ReaperProject5.34,ThatCrapp yBeginnerTeenRockGuitaristWhoCan'tPlayOrSing,2017. 02.24,Saturday,MyRemuxxings,GuitarConvertedToLoops &VoxNowPerfectlyTuned,TropicallyHoused,1990'sVoxLo xSaxo.rpp'
I'm all-for any better way... old or new
Perhaps I'll start using the 'Projects List' as a tab in the Reaper's Dock Window...
I've Just Now Deleted all the Older than Reaper64 v5.34 apps instances.
blah blah blah... hope this helps.

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