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hi all last week some time Bluetom directed a few of us to this thread since then i have been in SL pretty much consistantley,wow what a great program the depth of the world is just unbeleavable,and the possibilities are endless,got round to meeeting up with blue in the jam room today and he gave me a demo of how it all goes down,im totaly in awe of this unique program and every body should check it out,for me its perfect beacuse i often like to listen to you guys doin your thing but take up bandwidth in the servers if im not playing.cant wait to see a load of you guys in game jamming out with all your instruments. im in the jammers group as ibanez(funny cause blue tom has a steve vai ibanez in game)only thing is that i still have latency issues with ninjam so most of the time ill just be spectating but have been telling a lot of people about the jam room i imagine at some point youll be doing gigs and have a real big crowd listeining should be intresting seeing how this will develop,but any ways avatar your the man for telling us about this awesome second life and thx to blue tom for helping me out once again every body should check it out,now im off to go see my SL girl freind im taking her to the beach ))))
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