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Originally Posted by dasombre View Post
MPL, thank you for the hint.
I realized that sws-extensions from 2.5 on need Reaper 5pre.
So maybe the problem is gone when I finally install R5, but for now I don't want to mess with my working system.

What is your script doing exactly?
Or better asked: what happened to the actions I'm talking about: "...prompt for slot". Are they removed or are they just sitting elsewhere?

Thanks again for your help.
Oops, yes, all "prompt for slot" actions have been removed... It seems I was drunk or something
Bringing them back for the next build, thanks for the heads up!

Originally Posted by mpl View Post
It adds a number of slot to sws action name and runs this action.
For this to work, you first have to tweak the S&M.ini file as explained here though (not to "spam" the action list, there are often only 4 slot actions by default).

Originally Posted by spk77 View Post
"Show/hide take envelope" -actions seem to be broken
I think this is already fixed for the next build (v2.7.2). Well, let me know if not!

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