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So thanks to this sticky I'm up and running on ReaNinjam. But I've got 2 things I'd really like to sort out but can't figure out:

1) How do I send my tracks to Ninjam without monitoring them? I usually don't monitor my vocal tracks because I'm running them through my I/O's hardware for zero latency. If I have to turn on monitoring I get very annoying latency.
I have found a workaround, but it seems kinda overly redundant. If I set the Master to 4 channels, create a 2nd track with the same input as the 1st but with the monitoring on and parent channels 3/4, I can then go to Ninjam and set the local track to 3/4, and in the Ninjam fx plugin control window I can set the router to output 1 and 2 but not 3 and 4. Seems like a lot for just not wanting to hit the monitor button right?

Ok, secondly: How can I record just the incoming tracks from OTHER musicians to a dedicated track in Reaper without anything else? I realize Reaper saves the tracks for mixing later, but I don't wanna mix later, I wanna mix now! I tried the version where I put ReaNinjam on its own track and not the Master, but it picks up incoming AND my local tracks. I just want the other musician's tracks all by themselves without me on the track. Actually, if there's say, 2 other musicians in the room, I'd like to record them each on their own track. Is there a way to do this or do I just gotta wait til I'm done and then go in and get the clipsort file?
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