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Originally Posted by GordonDavid View Post
Here's ther new WIP25.RPP file. How can I send you audio files? The originals are too large.
Kenny, I figured it out.... For me, it's different than your video. Here's my settings:
-Open ReaComp in the PAD, set Attack for 90.0 ms, Release 10 ms, Ratio: 4 to 1, Detector input Aux Input L+R, Wet Slider to +- 4.7

Then choose the "kick". Drag and Drop the Send on to ReaComp. Change Post-Fade to Pre-Fade, make sure Audio 1/2 -> 3/4. Adjust Slider from inf to 2.50. On the PAD: change Track channels from 2 to 4. Test and adjust as you like! Thanks for your help and videos.
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