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I had bought the Reaper 4 videos, and even if you're a long time user, you still learn new things thanks to these videos.
Even simple things can be overlooked as one can get lost in all the possibilities we have with Reaper. Small example - I record a lot of found sounds in a big city, obviously they do not stop their background noises just for me [manic aviation being one example in Germany, people fly 100 times more than 40 years before, oooh this weekend nr 11 at this posh art gallery etc.). I always transferred my wavs to Soundforge 9 and their noise reduction tool-addon. Until I watched Kenny's REAFIR video about noise reduction! The once expensive noise reduction in Soundforge has no intuitive "ctrl and move the level yourself" feature REAFIR has. And results are superb for my needs with Reafir. There are so many small features like that which even long-time users just didn't find out themselves. So the videos are not only for the people new here, but are a treasure for all musicians not being superbly well organised^^. Thanks!
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