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Originally Posted by Melvin J. View Post
Awesome, ReaDave. Thank you for the share!
You're welcome.
Originally Posted by airon View Post
Good grief Dave. Lots to learn from this. I know far too little and it's too cool for that.

Can you recommend a resource to learn about Ambisonics and how to use it ? I'm wondering how to monitor this effectively.
Along with the video SmajjL has posted, there's some really good information on Ambisonic format on the Blue Ripple Sound website. They strongly support REAPER and they provide some very useful core tools for full, third order Ambisonics for free. Their paid stuff is quite expensive but well worth the investment. I've purchased their Decoding and Upmixing packs and use them on all my REAPER projects now (my studio monitoring is now a 3D Ambisonic cube array of eight Auratone 5c cubes and a sub).

Here's some links to the info on the Blue Ripple site...
Technical notes on the basics of Ambisonics
3D Mixing FAQ

Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Right up airon's alley, I think, this vid.
Atleast I know more than yesterday, don't wait up, gotta learn this in my phase.
Thanks ReaDave.
I haven't downloaded that one yet but I'm pretty sure I watched it a few months back. If it is the same one I watched, it has some very useful info in it.
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