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Hi ReaDave,

I'm afraid this is a totally newbie post (my first post here on the forum)
I'm very interested in working with ambisonics in Reaper, but I have very little experience of the program.

I downloaded your template for Valhalla Room and while it sounded very interesting, I'm not sure if I have configured things properly (I tried with a test file and the positioning wasn't right with the reverb).

I've been dragging an ambisonic file (AmbiX from a Zoom H2.n) into Reaper and in the Routing tab, sending it to 'VVV B format' Do I need to set up VVV B format to 'recieve' back to the ambisonic file too ? Also, do I need something like the ATK binaural decoder (I'm listening in stereo, for headphones playback) ?

Again, apologies if these are really simple things, any info would be appreciated
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