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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
I have uploaded b40. I was able to get your project loaded with it.

WARNING: your project has absolute path to audio files, be careful when playing with conversion, if files are really on the drive G:, Reaper can think they are under its control

For already explained reason, converted are:
* tempo map
* markers (absolute markers can be wrong, I have not found frame rate)
* audio clips (stretched clips can be wrong, I have not found corresponding info)
* MIDI clips

NO mixing parameters, no FXes, no envelopes, no routing, project assumed to be 44100.
So, it is more then MIDI+WAV export/import, but much less then for "modern" (less then 10 years old) Sonars.

It can happened that some other projects still can not be loaded. In this case just upload another example (CWP only, no Audio) and send me the link (in PM).
Dear Azslow, you make my day...
Thanks again for the great work and your help.
YES ! Version b40 can open nearly all of my old projects.
Audio and midi came properly. Tempo is perfect.
All i miss is just the name of FXs & Instr. so that i could know what to put instead.
But it's already a big pleasure to open these old things.
I'm trying to make a list of what doesn't work sometimes and i'll let you know if we can think of something better.

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