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in reaper-it only matters on which recording formats are used really-- try this.
1.make 3 input tracks-all same input.
2.right click+ set each track to a different recording format: eg: 1x 24bit wav - 1x vbr mp3 - 1x wav adpcm.
3.make your source input almost reach 0db on input meters.
4.add same input fx on each track-eg: reaeq-set to +6db of output gain there,so your input signal 'seems to clip on input levels'. < (try much higher clip levels plz,something ridiculous like +48db)

5.record a small passage--making sure 'auto mute' does not engage while recording....
6. try normalizing each file,then null each file against each other.

^ conclusions,or theories from any other users =??
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