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posts may not add to technical discussions (then again,maybe they do)

lol,why thankyou!!
i think you will find,with your own examinations- what is typed goes beyond theory-it becomes practical if actually tried.
try it for yourself-and please post your findings=ty.
does -18db matter to me,in any such way,today? nope.
fear is an illusion that all will deal with as we move forward in this timeline-- the solar energies that may come-will make all see eveything in a much more----hmm--expanded viewpoint!!
some will not deal with all new informations that the light brings-lack of knowledge,sight+senses is what binds each to their own darkness.
the point is--how loud,or how quietly,can any 1 person actully hear!!
it's not signal strengths anymore (although technically,it is)
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