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Originally Posted by Bri1 View Post
server has enabled> *global mute* for all that ignore.

there's little point in following other's mistakes,or triumphs,if not learning from each--
+ @karbomusic> if you use your noddle- your can overdrive your analog gear before it hits reaper for the nice saturations n stuff- then whack a heap of input fx @ recording stage to really hammer home your input tones!!
by recording in float and @ an acceptable sample rate such as 48khz (even better,96khz) =lots of extra gains,cuts+ extra overdriving can be achieved with a hybridized approach..

why follow old rules,regs+other peoples ideas--
for graffiti writers,or many any artists consider this essentially as "biting" > stealing ideas/concepts+methods of doing and then,claiming them methods for themselves....which is quite ridiculous in some senses...
float recording and exporting is the only way togo itb to keep the changes that come about @input+output stages..
*if* - your seriously considering oneself to be any kind of high qaulity only audiophile-then,honestly--i believe this is the route to go.
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