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The M2 IS security.

Compare it to what the TPM tried to do many years ago. An sich, it's certainly not a bad idea. It won't be long before thieves know that stealing a Mac is useless, as you can't resell them. Not even for parts, as Apple also has identifiable screens on MB Pro's these days.

The M2 and everything that surrounds it, also throws up a barrier for 3rd party repair and Hackintosh. You won't be able to run 10.15 on a Hackintosh. And pretty soon, you won't be able to use an existing Hackintosh with Apple's stores. The same will apply to upgrades...

It's not only Apple who's moving to "always connected". MS is considering forced background updates, I've been told. The same avenue. And some linux distro's do collect data too.

That leaves only BSD, I'm afraid.
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