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Apparently if you are working in higher level video (the raw 4k HD streams from cameras consumers can't even buy and such), the new announced Mac Pro is attractive and competitive in price.

I didn't have an understanding of any of the background for what he was talking about mind you. Maybe he's missed something? Maybe dismissing something that doesn't make the cut for him (even if you have to pay through the nose for it)? I hate video...

But he tells me you wouldn't be able to configure a system like this around the new 32 (or however many it has) core i17 (or whatever it is) CPU with this architecture and get OSX running on it for any less money.

Got to admit it looks like a true pro build of a machine. First pro computer out of Apple since 2012. I still don't like anything I've seen out of them since Steve Jobs died. Still planning on jumping ship to Linux and DIY builds moving forward. Only about half way into the life of my current Macs at present so plenty of time to fuss over all that.

My system drive in my newest Mac (2011 MBP) is named "Studio Earth IX". So... looks like I'm up to machine #9 now myself. If I buy a #10 it's going to be a 2nd 2009/2010 Mac Pro. I think #1 was a Power Mac 9600 around 1997.

Something like this might bring me back:

MacBook Pro
- overhauled cooling
- 3.something GHz CPU at least (with boost speeds up to 4 or 5)
- if that first point was taken seriously... then maybe we can talk about a 2nd higher powered GPU
- 2 M.2 slots
- 1 2.5" SATA bay
- bring back all the cost reduced features lost like the Magsafe power port, screen shield, and functional and elegant keyboard.
- Absolutely no CIA level security features designed to brick the machine at the slightest hint of service or mods by any 3rd party.
- 2 choices for RAM: Either slots or solder the max supported RAM to the board (and it BETTER not ever fail - so get your reliability testing on! - and no price gouging! Treat it as an aside.) Probably should go for slots.

And then a version of the new Mac Pro without the security crippling.

Then start putting some time into finishing releases of OSX! Go to every other year release if needed. Let's get back to where 10.6.8 left off please!

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