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Originally Posted by drewofdoom View Post
Just narrowed down the I/O routing panel crash. Adding in a libSwell colortheme brought that crash back. Still no idea what's causing the crash when saving presets and/or chains.
Another update. Last one until there's some feedback.

No matter what I do, the crash starts showing up at some point while using a Mutter-based DE. Save dialogues are the most heavily affected. Routing panels are unreliably affected. This is even on a clean profile.

This happens on both Gnome and Budgie using recent Mutter builds on both Intel and AMD graphics cards. It does not affect XFCE on the same machines.

I will raise this bug with the Mutter people, since there doesn't seem to be any interest/urgency here. I view this as a major bug, as it crashes the entire desktop session and can result in loss of unsaved work in Reaper and any other open applications.
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