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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Turns out, the CSI code WAS right, but there was a missing step elsewhere -- a SysEx message for each Channel to set the surface Channel to meter mode.
Was this what was preventing the DisplayLower bargraph showing?

So, in next build adding MCU VU will also show on lower display, and you are committing for ALL Pages
Fair enough, then peeps can pick

Incidentally, I had a quick look at how Logic deals with this (the MCU has a 'Logic' mode) It's actually quite interesting.

The meter is a small, vertical bargraph on the RHS of the display that spans both lower and upper display rows. It bounces 'through' the end of the track name (the letters reappear when the meter is lower than the top row) Because it's on the RHS, there is still room to the left of it for the Pan value. When you adjust the Pan, the track name changes to 'Pan' (changing back a couple of seconds after you finish adjusting -this happens for all the channel functions, volume, mute etc)

What's funny is that the Logic Mode metering works perfectly in CSI but unfortunately all the other CSI display functions are broken I always wondered what the difference between those two MCU start up modes was- guess I know now

EDIT: Just tried Logic whilst started up in regular MCU mode, it works just the same. So that's not the difference in the startup modes
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