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Originally Posted by Larry Kriz View Post
Truth be told I was expecting it to sound a lot worse lol. It's not the worst mixing/mastering job I've ever heard by a long shot. I think you're in a good starting place. It can only get better from here. Nice. Keep at it!

Now... I agree with the few other comments. It's kind of midrange heavy. I assume those are tuned-down guitars, so they're going to be naturally heavier sounding. I like that. But not at the expense of the drums or other elements (even the lead seems a tad buried). These are more general mixing issues. You should try to do as much of the heavy lifting in the mixing side before you concern yourself with final mastering (or maybe you just confused the terminology). What you're calling "mastering" might really have been "mixing". I take it the drums are samples right? Not sure what program you're using. Too many things to discuss here. Scoop the mids on the gtrs a bit, maybe add a little high end to the drums. Bring them forward just a tad. Work in small moves when u do this. Bring up the lead a bit. Or just ignore all this and keep plugging away. A-B against something else similar. That helps a lot. have fun learning!

PS - in case no one's told you, there are loudness standards in play these days for streaming audio (television and radio and vinyl too). Most of the big streaming services are limiting their audio volumes to around -12 or -15 LUs (loudness units). Anything you send them that's louder than that will get reduced. Get yourself a master volume measurement plugin (I have a few but in Reaper I use a nice freebee product called YouLean loudness meter). Cheers!
I took your (and everyones) advice, and I tried again!

Can I have your opinions on my V2.0?

Thanks in advance!
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