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I must be missing something here. For me, one of the biggest benefits of Ableton's session view is the ability to easily record a new pattern into a slot while others are looping, so for example you can hear how a pad fits over a bass part, etc. I find this very difficult to do in Playtime. When I record directly into slot, I have to hit record and stop at *exactly* the right moment, because if I let it run a beat too long, I can't get back to the pattern to chop or otherwise edit it, as in Ableton. It disappears from the timeline and I don't see anything in Playtime's right-click context menu allowing me to edit what I just recorded.

I can set up new tracks outside of Playtime, record and edit as usual, and then drop them into PT's slots for triggering, no problem there. But that seems like it's defeating the purpose.

Is Playtime designed more as just a triggering device rather than a composer? FWIW, I'm a native Reaper user and have only fooled around briefly with Live Lite, but I did like the workflow of session view, which is what brought me to PT.
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