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Default List of 64 bit plug-ins that run in Reaper

What 64 bit plug-ins are available and do they run in the 64 bit version of Reaper?

This should be a growing list as time passes.
I alone don't know about all the available plug-ins, so please send me a message or reply so I can extend this list.

So far known to me, these companies released 64 bit flavors of their plug-ins.
Originally Posted by schwa View Post
There are x64 builds of Olga, Tin Man, Schope, and Bitter, and the rest is en route.
And CMX is also available as 64 bit.
If these plugs don't run in Reaper x64, forget about the rest.

I know that Stylus RMX is also available as a 64 bit plug-in.
I got it to run in Reaper x64.

Toxic (1.4x more performance)
Hydra (1.7x more performance)
Scorpion (1.2x more performance)
Plucked String (1.3x more performance)
Poly-850 (1.8x more performance)
(copied from the site, including performance improvements over 32 bit versions)

NOTE: On the site there is a remark that the 64 bit versions were tested in several hosts, but Reaper x64 is not mentioned. Someone can confirm they work in Reaper?
Too many to list here, so check them out.
Please do reply with your experiences and these plugs. and

IPC-Midi is a plugin (32 and 64 bit) to send and receive midi
and midi plugins is a nice set of midi utilities.

NOTE: J released the jbridge, a utility to use 32 bit plugins in a x64 host! (
Released 64 bit plug-ins as well... not tested yet.

Would be great if someone can confirm these plugs run in Reaper.

so far ...
(last update: 2009, july, 1st)
... yOu aNd mE are ...

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