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Originally Posted by fladd View Post
Stepbeater would be so great if it just had some swing/shuffle/groove options!
You can always put some midi-plugin after it to take care of that. I use it as a sketchpad to quickly whip up something. If I like it I drag it to a reaper-track as midi-item and take it from there.

Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
you forgot reverberate LE!

excellent free convolution reverb. zero latency.
I'll check it out

Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post
my favourite freeware vendors are probably voxengo and jeroen breebaart. all their plugs seem to be very well coded - never experienced any problems at all. oh and of course the digitalfishphones package (blockfish, spitfish and floorfish).

my absolute favourite freebie of all time...

frohmage by ohmforce - couldn't live without it. it sits somewhere in the plugin chain on many, many tracks in my projects.
Most Digitalfishphones-stuff will show up in my list and fromage as well

Originally Posted by bls View Post
It's worth mentioning that room machine, besides what you have already discovered on drums and vocals, is possible the best way to achieve that roomy Brian May guitar sound. That's what I usually use that one for.

Didn't try it on guitar sounds yet but will, thanks for the suggestion
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