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Originally Posted by carbon View Post
I liked the Iliadis Efthimia better though.
I have that one too but it's a bit too CPU-heavy for my taste. And judging from the presets, NuBiLe feels more like a rock organ than Efthimia.

FTR, I'm not an organ aficionado... maybe Efthimia can do everything NuBiLe can, the above is just my first and maybe not well-founded impression.

Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
I'm going to do delays next and I need suggestions.
Can't be of much help I'm afraid -- since I started using REAPER I don't use anything but ReaDelay. The guy(s) who created Mo Verb have a pretty good one, but I suspect that's donationware as well. Also, I don't really use delays a great deal except for fattening things up.
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