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Originally Posted by nikki-k View Post
Uhhh... what about Rulers??? Sorry for being *special*, but a must have for me are Rulers!!! I need (yes, NEED): Bars|Beats, Mins|Secs, Tempo, Time Sig, Markers, and Samples.

PT's Score Track is not possible either, correct? Would have been nice to have Score+TAB + Lyrics...

Pls do not let me like PT more... (hehehehe!!!)
Scoring's a definite no. You'd better stick to specialist apps for that, or even PT(insert scary GS smiley).

There's one grid so far and it's Bars & Beats only. There is one time ruler so far. If you'd like more, I'd be more than happy to vote for a feature request you pop in to the tracker. IF you do, please tell them exactly why you need it. It increases the chances of getting it dramatically. Specific needs get addressed more quickly, especially if it's not a huge burden to implement it.
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