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Originally Posted by guitardom View Post
shane, these are some pretty scary screenshots!! here in the next couple weeks i plan on jumping in this app and gotta get shorcuts ported over ASAP in order for me to have ANY hope at all. let me know if there is any aspect you need someone to focus on so i can start researching and learning. attack it like we did w hotkey
HOLY [BLEEP]!!! To see YOU here on the REAPER forum definitely says something. [img]http://*************.net/shocked-smiley-17115.gif[/img] Grab Geoffrey's PDF user guide and get familiar with creating custom actions(pg 243). Some of my own examples from years gone by, which now exist as one standard action in the action list for many of them, can be found here:

I just wrapped up the cursors and will probably post them tomorrow. I'll jump into wrapping up the shortcuts next. Since you're familiar with AHK you'll be pretty shocked as to how easy it is in REAPER. I'll create a tabulated list of what's been done and send them your way. We could probably wrap these up in no time then move on to the menus.

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