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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Mr. Moses keeps parting 'em up with PT, eh?
i cant imagine leaving pt entirely, there is just some things that continue to aggrevate the BLEEP out of me. but minus the adc, i LOVE mixing and editing in pt. tracking i dont love so much....there is ALWAYS the worry of an error coming around the corner..

we build these stupidly fast, amazing computers and we are consistently being held back by software limitations.

constant stability issues, i could never care less to see another hw buffer error or assertion error for the rest of my life.

the adc issue is just getting to be to stupid to have to worry about.

i honestly think it will be a couple years or more before pt is actual 64 bit, this ram limitation will haunt us forever.

i hate the prospect of having to learn another daw, but it seems with reaper to be getting closer and closer. if i can help this process along and be a part of it and make the transition faster, it could everybody involved. i dont have much for time right now, so starting my research and feeling stuff out, then hopefully in a couple weeks when i get caught up, i can dive in.
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