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Originally Posted by guitardom View Post
damn, there is another pt gripe for the last 10 years resolved..... my bggest concern right now is what i had heard in the past about grids and bars and beats and such. if it is comparable to pt in changing grids to 16ths-32nds etc, i will be fine, i work that way most of the time. really i have lots of questions and concerns, but i will have to start digging in. scanning over the link to the guide you posted now, while tracking some guitar parts
All the grid values can be accessed via key commands, even triplet values(unlike PT). You'll also be able to dust off your MX50/50 and put it to use in repro mode with sample accurate time stamping, zero latency monitoring and latency compensation. That would cost one $10,000 in an extra hardware box which can only be used with PT HD.

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